Some more information about the year of the crucifixion

There are different ways to more or less accurately determine the year of the crucifixion of Lord Yeshua. Every one of them leads to a slightly different result. Nevertheless, not many serious researcher will end up with anything far from the years 26 AD through 33 AD. The truth might well be situated somewhere in the middle.

We want to give some supporting evidence for this statement. The documents we present consist of

A) one possible account for the seventy year-weeks of  Daniel, which very nicely shows the accuracy of the prophet's view. (Compare Daniel 9:24-26)

B) We found in "wikipedia" (the free encyclopedia) some information about the history of the Seleucid dynasty. It leads us to the same year like A if we put the start of the Seleucid dynasty in 312 BC together with the 340 (Seleucid) years reported by

C) Eusebius of Caesarea. He has done a fabulous work in the fourth century AD, by preserving precious information about the first centuries AD. Summing up the two numbers we get: 340 - 312 = 28. Adding another year for the non-existing year 0, we end up at the year 29/30 AD* which is also corresponding nicely with prophet Daniel. (*The year began 1st October 29 AD and ended 30th Sept 30 AD)

Last but not least we want to present

D) Josephus Flavius, a very well known source for the first century AD. This source provides important informations about some personalities who are well known to readers of the New Testament and to people who know some Church History. It might help remove doubts about the New Testament's reliability.

Every document contains a link to the original site where we took the information from. Though we need to point out that we do not agree with everything you may find in linked sites. External links are provided for copyright reasons only.